Hardware Vending Machine Tubular Motorcycle Trunk Mailbox Cam Lock

Introducing our Tubular Motorcycle Trunk Cam Lock - ideal for securing your belongings. Made in our factory with top-quality materials. Order now!
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KUNLONG SK1-063-4SL door lock Professional Factory Made Fashion Europe Style Multiple Pawls Industrial Cam Lock

Exquisite Craftsmanship
What are the advantages of our locks
Advantages of the Tongue Lock:
Strong concealment, higher security, aesthetic appearance, and easy operation.
The locking tongue of the rotary tongue lock can be completely embedded within the door frame, making it difficult for outsiders to observe, thereby increasing the difficulty for intruders to climb over the door frame.
The locking tongue of the rotary tongue lock is usually longer in length, which makes it more stable when inserted into the door frame lock hole, providing a certain degree of anti-prying and anti-impact capability.
As the locking tongue is hidden inside the door frame, the rotary tongue lock usually does not damage the external appearance of the door, helping to maintain the overall aesthetics of the door.
The operation of the rotary tongue lock is relatively simple, usually requiring only a gentle push to insert the locking tongue into the door frame lock hole, making it convenient to use.

Advantages of the flat Panel Lock:
The design of the flat Panel lock is relatively simple, and its operation is also straightforward. It usually consists of a lock cylinder and a locking tongue, making the unlocking and locking processes simple and easy to grasp.
The flat Panel lock is often more cost-effective than some complex multipoint locking systems, making it suitable for providing security to low-cost doors.
Due to its simple structure, the flat Panel lock is relatively easy to maintain. Common maintenance tasks such as replacing the lock cylinder or locking tongue are more convenient.
The lock body of the flat single-point lock is usually small, causing minimal impact on the door's appearance and contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the door.
If you only require a certain level of basic security, the flat single-point lock might be a sufficient choice.

Advantages of the handle lock:
Unlocking and locking the handle lock is typically very simple, requiring only a turn of the handle. This makes it convenient to use, especially for doors with frequent traffic. 
Handle locks can be installed on various types of doors.
The installation of handle locks is relatively straightforward and does not require excessive specialized skills; it can be done using basic tools.
Handle locks usually come in various designs and materials, allowing them to match the style and appearance of the door, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal.
Locking the handle lock usually requires just one step - rotating the handle, making it more convenient compared to some other types of locks.    

Advantages of the Multi-Point lock:
Multi-Point locks are typically used for sliding or pocket doors and can be installed at various positions on the door, allowing for multiple opening methods, such as sliding from the inside or outside.
Multi-Point locks are suitable for wider doors, as their longer operating rod enables better locking and unlocking of the door.
In emergency situations like fires, link bolt locks can often be quickly unlocked through sliding operations, aiding in escape.
The sliding action of link bolt locks requires a certain amount of force, ensuring the locking tongue is firmly inserted into the door frame, providing a degree of anti-impact capability.
Some Multi-Point locks come with protective covers or other designs that can enhance additional security, preventing unauthorized tampering or unlocking.
Hardware Vending Machine Tubular Motorcycle Trunk Mailbox Cam Lock Hardware Vending Machine Tubular Motorcycle Trunk Mailbox Cam Lock FAQ:

Q. Are you a factory ?
    A :Yes, we are factory  and we  specialized  in industrial  locks more than 10 years. 
Q.Do you provide samples? Is it free or extral ?
   A: Yes , we could offer the samples for free charge but do not pay the cost of freight .
Q . What's your packing?
       A:two type: paper box :30 pcs in one carton,blister: 6pcs in one middle box, 4middle boxes in one carton
Q. What's your terms of payment ?
         A:  30% deposit , 70% balance before shipment.
Q. What's your delivery time ?
         A:7-15days after receiving the order for standard products.
Q.Can we visit your factory?
        A:You are welcome to visit our factory , just inform us before you coming, we will give you some information about how to get there.
Thank you for your visit our product
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